Kaidanne is my pseudonym, one I used in a massive online roleplaying game years go. I do have my geeky side. Kaida means “little female dragon” in Japanese. The name was taken so I added the “anne” to own the name.

I’m a mother, a nurse, and a cook. I have three beautiful, kind-hearted daughters who are my world. I have an awesome boyfriend who tolerates my quirks and idiosyncracies, my cats and the drama that is my life. My job is demanding and rewarding. I love caring for patients; I love understanding pathophysiology. These days, I’m a hospice nurse. And no, it’s not depressing! It’s awesome to be able to be there at such a momentous time for the patient and the family and provide care, comfort and consolation. In addition to my fulltime job, I have a once-a-month weekend job working for a pulmonologist;  it’s purely clinical which is tremendously appealing to me.

I bought a house last year and I’m having a great time making it “mine.” But I must modify that statement as WE are now making it OURS as my fiance moved in this year. There are so many things I want to do! Alas…I haven’t won the lottery yet so it will all take time, time, time.  My girls are all in college–did I mention they are triplets–and working and are the joy of my life (don’t tell the cats or the dog).


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