Bucket List

This will be an ongoing work. I want to start putting something down on paper (virtually speaking). How can I know what if I’ve accomplished what I want to do unless I first define what I want to do? Hmm, should I start with things I HAVE accomplished? Or at least include them? Or maybe that’s a separate list. An “Accomplishments” list. Yeah. In any event, I’m starting a list of things I want to do; some will be mundane, some grandiose. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though! I’m not going to limit…or force…myself into a number (“100 things…”).

Things I’d Like to Do, in no particular order:

  1. Tropical cruise
  2. Take a culinary vacation/tour
  3. Learn a language — probably Spanish, including medical terminology
  4. Respond as a volunteer in a disaster
  5. Go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Visit Austin, Texas
  7. Spend a week at a luxury spa
  8. Go to Yosemite
  9. Visit a dude ranch
  10. Visit the Vatican
  11. Go to Cape Cod (New England sea food)
  12. Take a pastry decorating class(es)
  13. Visit a castle
  14. Go to as many Iron Chef restaurants as possible
  15. Visit New Orleans
  16. Become an accomplished knitter
  17. Become a wine connoisseur
  18. Establish a backyard retreat (hot tub, evening lights, gazebo, pond, etc.)
  19. Put in high end appliances in my kitchen
  20. Establish a “sun” or window room out of my side porch
  21. Create a relaxing, luxurious bedroom
  22. Try acupuncture
  23. Join a “cause”
  24. Have a successful herb garden
  25. Kentucky Derby
  26. Attend a “super-game” (super bowl, world series, stanley cup…)
  27. Get a facelift
  28. Surprise someone/family by paying for their groceries or meal

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