A Recyclable Tradition

For years it’s been a Christmas tradition of mine to give my daughters Christmas stockings. They started out small and grew as the years went on. Now that my children are adults, the tradition continues. Unfortunately, when their father and I split up, the original stockings went missing. At least the set of three were no longer complete. Each year since I’ve used different items as “stockings.” I’ve used large shopping bags, popcorn tins, etc.

This year I’ve gone green! I’ve recycled! I cleaned, painted and decorated kitty litter containers. A household with six cats manages to accumulate a number of empty containers. After cleaning them inside and out, I placed a dryer sheet inside for a few days to absorb the (clean) kitty litter odor. Then I decorated with spray paint and scrapbooking paper, as well as a little decorative duct tape. I thought of using Christmas designs but opted to use colors and designs they like so they can use them for storage in the future.

As usual, I’ve stacked them full of unwrapped goodies, as is our tradition. Mostly silly and useful items. But it’s a tradition my girls enjoy and depend on and I have fun coming up with new ways of presenting them!IMG_0870


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