Is it time? Now or never?

Three years ago I planned on going to school to complete a CRNP (nurse practitioner) program. Life changes got in the way and I didn’t go to school. I moved out of my house, I got divorced, I bought a new house, I changed jobs…three times. My girls went to college (where they remain) and I’m really wishing I had continued my schooling.

Is it too late? Just hit my 53rd birthday. It’s not that I don’t feel I’m capable. I worry about incurring (more) debt and having difficulty recouping expenses. I worry about working and going school at the same time and supporting the financial needs of my household.

I had three discussions this weekend that make me think, heck, just do it. My husband encourages me. A physician’s assistant I spoke with today encouraged me to just do it (thanks, Chris Hart). And thirdly, Dr. Laman, pulmonologist/critical care doc tells me I should do it; I should be doing something “more” than I am currently.

The market for CRNP is growing, growing. Even if I only work 10 years as a CRNP, it will be time well spent. So now or never? Go for it? What’s another $25,000, hmm? It’s only money, as my mother would say. I’m gonna die owing so why not pursue something I want?


One response to this post.

  1. Turns out I can’t afford it whether it’s now or never anyhow. I’m still being pressured by peers and physicians to pursue it but I cannot afford a $30,000 loan at this point. Heck, I have a mortgage until I’m 82…


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