Sausage Pizza

With limited time and ingredients tonight, I made a simple sausage pizza. I had no pizza sauce on hand so I used tomato sauce doctored with oregano, garlic, basil, salt & pepper, white sugar and a dash of cayenne pepper. I had two sweet Italian sausages, in casings, in the refrigerator. I stripped them of their casings and pan fried the sausage, breaking it up into bits.

I used Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough that I rolled out on a floured surface. This created a thinner crust and allowed me to roll the edges for nice crust edge. I oiled the pizza pan with olive oil, flipped the rolled dough onto it and rolled the edges for the crust. I spread the pizza sauce on the dough, carefully keeping it within the crust edges. I squeezed some of the oil out of the sausage (which I had allowed to cool a bit) and spread it on the sauce and then generously covered in shredded mozzarella. I would have used some veggies if I had them on hand (olives, green peppers, mushrooms) but I did not.

The pizza was baked at 425 degrees for 14 minutes. It was quite tasty, though Mark thought the sauce could have used more garlic. I had 3 pieces! Mark had 4. So one piece still sits there in the kitchen….


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