Six cats. Gulp. (Sneeze)


We’re settling in, all of us. Mark moved into the house in February and with him came Arwen, Thomasina, and Roxanne. Thomasina is the only short-haired cat of the three. The cats adjusted to each other (and the dog) rather well. By day 2, the “new cats” were venturing downstairs but not for very long. Within the week, however, they all freely came downstairs — giving the dog a wide berth. Stella was the least receptive to the new cats; she still is.


Big Old Kitty (16 years old today) was unaffected. I think he’s been through so much by now that nothing much phases him. And now Arwen has decided she loves Greta the Dog and brushes up against her, begging for some grooming. Greta usually obliges her. Greta should be developing hairballs any day now.



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