More Cats!

Well, there are fewer cats…but soon to be more cats.

Teresa and Reno moved to IUP and they took Cowboy and Frankie with them. So that leaves three cats in the house, along with Greta, the dog. Stella is back to her normal affectionate, pesky self. I think Frankie’s aggression was too much for her and she hid a lot of the time. She’s even rubbing up against the dog and allowing a few grooming licks from her. Cupcake is making herself more present but still does the panther-stalk walk whenever she encounters Greta…which just entices the dog to chase her. Big Kitty is gaining weight and is on at least his eighth life. He still has a grooming problem, however.

So fewer cats, right? Until later today when Mark’s cats join the household, as he is moving in. Arwen, Roxanne and Tomasina will be joining the fray. We will segregate in the back bedroom for a while to allow them to adjust to new smells and new creatures. But oh my! Six cats and one dog.



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