Punching Bag

This has been an exasperating week. Or maybe month. Year?  Trust me, though, “exasperating” is a mild term. We bandied about the expression cluster-f**k. It seems to fit.

I feel like a punching bag, getting swung at by irate physicians, angry patients and frustrated staff.  The way things are right now … well, they simply don’t work. I tried to think about things that are going well at work and I was hard put to name them. I have to say that I work well with my assistant–she is a hard-working, conscientious soul who gets put upon from many and takes it with aplomb. I also have to give kudos to my boss who is relatively new to the organization (just a few months shy of  my experience) and who has taken on more and more responsibility and is stretched thin. Yet she remains calm and committed and understanding of the work of nursing, not just the ivory towers of nursing theory.

I have been charged with fixing the ways of a unit that developed over 30 years. Some are surprised that it is not, yet, fixed and running like clockwork. In 8 months. A comment I hear frequently is “it’s been like this for years!” Or “No one’s ever been able to change this place; this is how we are!”  Eight months and it’s not been fixed yet. Go figure.


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