I came home from work today at a decent hour. I was home before 5PM! I found Teresa napping on my bed, several cats, around her. This was highly unsual. Upon inquiring, she informed me that she had a headache that had been pretty severe earlier but was abating after taking Tylenol Sinus/Cold tablets. She felt well enough to go out and do some shopping by now.

Tee, Reno, Becca, Dan and I went out to Greengate to the new Ross store. Apparently the store in Norman, Oklahoma that Teresa had visited was much larger. She was so excited that the store was opening in this area but it had less stuff than the Norman, OK shop had. We ended up in JoAnn Fabrics where I bought a couple of small items — new flowers for the holder on the bathroom wall and a rustic magazine holder for the livingroom (60% off!). 

Then dinnertime. Reno recommended trying Smoky Bones so we went there. The wait for food was quite long. By now, I had a headache setting in. The food was pretty good but not fantastic. The service was friendly but slow. I won’t be rushing back out there.

But now my headache has become a bit pounding so I’m not long for the world of the awake & upright. Good night, blog.


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